A 20-year-old Beauty

Oswald Tippo Courtyard Garden

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the creation of the Oswald Tippo Library Courtyard Sculpture Garden in the Du Bois Library, a collaborative effort among the Libraries, UMass Physical Plant, and Stockbridge School for Agriculture, and is financially supported through donations. The plants are maintained by Library staff.

The sculpture Searching for the Buddha in the Mountains, was created by Thomas Matsuda, MFA ’99. The collaboration continues today as Library staff maintain the garden while Landscape Services provides mulch, compost, and irrigation services. All garden waste is composted on campus and reused.

The garden is planted with shrubs, perennials, annuals, and bulbs for seasonal interest throughout the year.

Watch a video about the courtyard garden

library courtyard gardeners
Library courtyard gardeners from top left: Brian Shelburne, Blake Spitz, Judy Rohan, Karen Piepho Markham, Kirstin Kay, Michael Magrath, Isabel Espinal, Carol Connare.
From bottom left: Leslie Schaler ’81, Marcelle Lipke, Kat Berry, Linda Fish, Linda Merritt. Not pictured: Robby Armenti, Meghan Banach, Eva Carrier, Sheryl Crowe, Rachel Hobbie, Danielle Kovacs, Kathy Leigh, Erica Light, Zach Lizee, Anne Moore, Aaron Rubinstein, Annie Sollinger, Christine Turner.